Celeste Bernard

Celeste Bernard was one of the founding members of Voices Black Theatre Ensemble in 1990 and trained as an actress with the new ensemble. She has had lead roles in several Voices’ stage and radio drama productions including Black Journey, Nova Scotia Reality Song, and Woman Songs. 

Celeste Bernard


Prior to acting with Voices, Bernard was a member of the Cultural Awareness Youth Group (a youth leadership agency founded by David Woods), and performed in stage productions presented by the organization. Bernard currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario but still performs regularly with Voices.


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CBC Radio Drama

1997 Once: Africville Stories  character Voice #3
1993 Black Journey character Voice of Africa
1988 Aunt Jemima Story character Angela

Group Exhibitions

2018 – 2019 Once: Africville Stories – Character Voice #3 Voices Black Theatre Ensemble
2002 The Meeting – Character Mom Suse Voices Black Theatre Ensemble

Nova Scotia Suite – Character Voice #3 Voices Black Theatre Ensemble

Womansongs – Character Elsie Dorrington Voices Black Theatre Ensemble

1991- 1995 Nova Scotia Black Reality Song character Voice – #3 Voices Black Theatre Ensemble
1986 – 1990 Voices – Role Voice #3
1985 – present

Black Journey – Character Voice of Africa  Cultural Awareness Youth Group


Kitchener Ont since 1998