Alex Thuku

Alex Thuku is a graduate of NSCAD (BFA 2017). His paintings explore the different ethnic groups around the Halifax community in an effort to celebrate the way diversity brings about a healthier more vibrant environment.

Alex Thuku


He also brings attention to the positive aspects of ethnic traditions in particular through textiles and the many colour complexities each group offers. Besides exhibiting with BANNS, Thuku has exhibited in galleries and art spaces in restaurants across Halifax. He is also a noted muralist.  He is currently teaching overseas in Asia.

Artist Statement

I was born in the rural areas of Kenya and raised there until I was 10 years old. My family moved to Nova Scotia on the year 2002 and it has been a tremendous journey of growth, struggle and love. This wonderful opportunity to be in the Maritimes opened doors to many curiosities, Art being the most attractive to me. Although Art has always been my interest I first studied philosophy and Psychology in Saint Francis Xavier University when I finished high school.

After two years passed I felt like I found what I most desired from both fields and decided to explore them in a different education. I knew I loved art and so I transferred to NSCAD. Art lets me communicate certain experiences, emotions and point of views not possible any other way for me and share these understandings to the communities around me. The chance to grow my passion for Arts is very important to me and I will continue to pursue it throughout my life.



Group Exhibitions

2017 New Notes In The Pattern – Chase Gallery, Public Archives of NS, Halifax (BANNS)


Antigonish NS  since 2001