Avery Crawley

Avery Crawley learned woodcarving from his father. He primarily made walking sticks that he sold to seniors in his home community of East Preston.

Avery Crawley


In 2002, while taking part in the BANNS exhibition Home: The Art of Preston (Dartmouth Heritage Museum) he was influenced by the exhibition curator David Woods to adopt a conceptual approach to his woodcarvings. Since that time he has created a number of installations in which his carved root sticks represent human entities. He has exhibited in several BANNS exhibitions

Artist Statement

My carved sticks with their markings are embodiments of my Christian faith. Initially, I saw myself as a maker and seller of walking sticks.  Now that I have seen my work recast as installations and sculptural pieces in gallery art exhibitions, I am beginning to see myself as a true artist with something to say.


justin augustine painting of school girl on bike bicycle
2007 The Soul Speaks – Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax
2006 Visions in African Nova Scotian Art – Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax
2001 Home: The Art of Preston – Dartmouth Heritage Museum, Dartmouth
2000 Home: The Art of Preston – Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax