Nat Chanel

Nat Chantel is an emerging artist/writer whose work explores the idea of ‘home’ and the human condition as it relates to the appropriation of culture, body and tongue. Her writings investigate how society silences marginalized groups and disrupts societal structures that shape individual identity and sense of belonging.

Augustine, Justin


Chanel seeks to give voice to ‘silenced’ experiences by undressing the relationship between self and other and exposing the daily assaults against the suppressed, oppressed and marginalized in society. Her poem Beauty was published in the first print-edition of Understorey Magazine: African Nova Scotian Women Writers (2018). She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from St. Mary’s University, Halifax.


justin augustine painting of school girl on bike bicycle


2017 Beauty  (poemUnderstorey Magazine: African Nova Scotian Women Issue #12 Lunenburg NS